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North and east of Old Town we have a densely packed area of craft breweries and some of Fort Collins largest lakes like Terry Lake and Long Pond. Home to New Belgium, Odells, SweetWater Brewing Company, Snowbank Brewing, Funkwerks, and many more! This area provides easy access to I-25 by both Mulberry Street and Prospect Road. Real estate in this area is typically classified by larger lots and higher price home, especially around the Terry Lake area.

About Fort Collins North

Lakes and Rivers

The Poudre River runs right through this section of Fort Collins meaning that the Poudre River trail easily accessible in this neighborhood. Also, as mentioned above, some of Fort Collins largest lakes like Terry Lake and Long Pond are in this area.

Larger Lots

Majority of homes in this area are detached, sit on larger lots especially closer to the Terry Lake area. Homes in the eastern part of Fort Collins tend to be more expensive due to ample remodels and larger lots.


Lots of renovated home and new construction are available in this neighborhood. Modern style homes are commonly found in this area.


This part of town usually feeds into Poudre High School and Fort Collins High School. Due to the close proximity to I-25, this area is an excellent option for students looking to attend Timnath High School’s new Futures Lab.

Trails and Activities

The Poudre River Trail runs along the Poudre River which cuts through majority of this part of town. This also means that this section also hosts a large section of interconnecting open spaces along the banks of the Poudre River; Kingfisher Point Natural Area, Riverbend Ponds Natural Area, Prospect Ponds Natural Area, Running Deer Natural Area, and others.

Outside City Limits

Many of the homes located in the northern part of Brews and North are located outside of Fort Collins city limits while still having a Fort Collins address. This is a good area to home shop in if you are looking for houses that have the benefits of being outside city limits, like lacking Home Owner Associations (or HOAs).

Beer, Beer, and More Beer

Named Brews and North for a reason, this part of Fort Collins hosts a large number of craft breweries. This is largely due to the proximity to the Poudre River. However, this area also is home to Anheuser Busch. Known for their Budweiser beer and their clydesdales horses. Brewery tours are avaliable at many of the breweries and a great way to spend the day with out-of-town guests.

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